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Our custom editions mean that you never have to buy more software than you’ll actually need. With versions of our software designed for single user environments all the way up through unlimited licensing, you’ll find an edition of Vehicle Fleet Manager or Tool & Asset Manager to fit your specific needs; at a cost that will keep you out of the accounting department’s crosshairs.

Payment Methods

All Vinity Soft online purchases are powered by FastSpring, a leading secure online payment gateway. Paying through FastSpring will allow you to pay via PayPal, credit card, bank transfer, purchase order, money order, or check.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction with our software is our ultimate goal. All Vinity Soft software is available as a free, 30-day trial download. After those 30 days, your purchase is backed by an additional 30-day money back guarantee.

Vehicle Fleet Manager 4.0

Edition Vehicles Users Price
Home Up to 5 Single $89.95
Pro 15 Up to 15 Single $139.95
Pro 15 Network Up to 15 Unlimited $199.95
Pro 50 Up to 50 Single $249.95
Pro 50 Network Up to 50 Unlimited $359.95
Pro 200 Up to 200 Single $439.95
Pro 200 Network Up to 200 Unlimited $549.95
Pro Manager Unlimited Single $649.95
Pro Manager Network Unlimited Unlimited $899.95

Tool & Asset Manager 2.0

Edition Users Price
Standalone Edition Single $299.95
Network Edition Unlimited $599.95

Fleet Manager Mobile

Plan Price
Up to 5 vehicles $15 / Month
Up to 15 vehicles $30 / Month
Up to 30 vehicles $45 / Month
Up to 50 vehicles $65 / Month
Up to 75 vehicles $90 / Month
Up to 100 vehicles $100 / Month
Up to 150 vehicles $150 / Month
Up to 200 vehicles $180 / Month
Up to 250 vehicles $200 / Month
Up to 300 vehicles $225 / Month
Up to 400 vehicles $240 / Month
Up to 500 vehicles $300 / Month
Up to 750 vehicles $375 / Month
Up to 1000 vehicles $400 / Month
More than 1000 vehicles Contact us

Purchase Policies, Licensing, and Support

Please make sure you have read our license agreement and support policies prior to purchasing our software.

All Vinity Soft software licenses include one year of upgrades and technical support from the date of purchase. Technical support subscription must be renewed annually for continued upgrades and support. Those choosing not to renew their technical support subscription may continue to use the software; however, no support or upgrades will be provided.

Annual technical support subscription may be renewed at 50% of the license cost at the time of renewal.

Licensing information will be provided via email once a license purchase has been received and payment has been verified. If a licensing email has not been received within 15 minutes of purchase, please check your spam folder and add vinitysoft.com to your filter’s whitelist. If you still have not received a licensing email from us, please email sales@vinitysoft.com for assistance.

Support requests received by licensed users of Vinity Soft software may include:

  • Requests regarding software usage and features that have been sent via email and/or live chat options
  • Bug reports and feature requests
  • Software updates and downloads

Support requests submitted by unlicensed users or users of software with expired licenses will not be addressed. Licenses may be renewed at any time after expiration.

Read our license agreement here